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'Trapped in the Forest' (Album) - 6/30/24

This is a diverse album where I sample stuff from Mexico, Columbia, Ukraine, Russia, Japan and the US. (Hence the X's on the map). It has some feel-good bangers, hard/dark beats, and everything in between. It's my take on trap beats, hope you enjoy!
Mastered by Poldoore

Trapped In The Forest (Square-Untitled).jpg

Down River (Single)    - 6/15/24

Blues trap with whole lot of soul is the best way to describe this one. Genre bending up-beat banger! 

1st single off the 'Trapped In The Forest' album. 

Mastered by Poldoore

Silk_Sheets (3).jpg

Silk Sheets (Single) -

Smooth, funky, sexy track to make your panties drop on the dance floor. The funky guitar brings an energetic vibe to the song making you want to move your feet. Fun ad-lib samples keep it goofy while the drums keep it groovy. The main vocal hook "Baby, I'm hot just like an oven" sets the stage for buttering up your sweet heart and getting her under the 'Silk Sheets' .
Mastered by Poldoore

Cover Art -Pablo Eskobear -Necessities.jpeg

Necessities (Album)

It's all instrumental hip hop beats, from a latin inspired banger, to jazzy chill-hop and soul-sampled beats.Smooth, yet hard hitting at points. 

Mastered by Birocratic 

Taco Truck (Single)

After “Brass Class” Pablo stays on the brass page but this time explores a new and exciting area. His new offering “Taco Truck” is inspired by his trip to Mexico and will effortlessly put a smile on the face of any listener.

The track is built around captivating horn samples, encapsulating the vibrant spirit of the country and sonically translating three things that come to mind when one thinks about Mexico: the uplifting effect of the sun rays, the tasty food and the ability to party and celebrate life.

“Taco Truck” one more time portrays Pablo’s knack for incorporating diverse elements in his compositions, ever delivering not only great vibes but also satiating the listener’s hunger for fresh and interesting sound.

-Stereofox Records

Brass Class (Single)

"It’s always easier to use drum samples as they’re ready to go, sound great and are easy to work with, but recording live drums definitely gives things a different vibe and this song definitely was calling for it, so I went all in. Making my drums sound “vintage”, to fit the oldschool soul vibe that I had going, took a little bit of tinkering with mic placement, vintage console emulators, and filtering, but in the end, I was pretty pumped about the sound. Part-way through making the track I realized I was sampling brass (horns), playing on a brass snare drum and hitting brass cymbals….hence the name."

"I’ve always been inspired by artists such as Pretty Lights, and Boogie Belgique who take samples from as many different places as possible, mix them with live instruments and gel them together into one cohesive universe. I was really pushing myself in 2 different areas: collecting samples from as many different places as I could, as well as recording all live drums."

Released via Stereofox Records

Champion Bangers

Latest full-length album in 2022. Champion Bangers is a mix of everything from smooth chill hop beats to hard hitting/dark trap beats. The album was awarded a WYCE Jammie for best 'electronic album' of the year. Go take a listen! 

pablo-escobear final.jpg

Pool Parties EP

Pull out your sunglasses and swimming suits for this one, it’s the sonic equivalent of summer.

Through uplifting brass, groovy beats, and soulful samples, Pablo’s flair for digging old rare vinyls gives birth to five fresh tunes that found a home in the Pool Parties EP. In an attempt to recreate the warm & carefree feeling from memories of swimming in his grandparents’ pool with soul tunes playing, the US-based artist created a sun-soaked fusion of beats, jazz, and soul.

The signature sound of the artist is not the only memorable feature. In fact, one of the most unique aspects is his artist name. In a 1985 police chase drug smuggler Andrew Thornton II was on the run with containers of cocaine, which he dropped from a plane above a forest. Instead of cocaine worth tens of millions of dollars though, police found just 40 open containers and a dead black bear. The animal had feasted on the entire load and died of an overdose. The “Cocaine Bear”, later nicknamed “Pablo Eskobear” sure knew how to party! The music producer adopted the moniker as a darkly humorous way to carry on the legendary greatness of the animal.

Pablo Eskobear’s artistic goal to create drum-driven hard-hitting instrumentals lives up to its expectations with this EP. The five-tracker stirs up tasty pots of old-school boom-bap with a pleasant soul spice. Carrying a feel-good energy, the tracks transform all of the sampled retro gems and give them a brand new fresh aesthetic, meant to perfectly suit your summer adventures.

[Stereofox Records]

Pablo's debut album release of "Regurgitated Rhythms" has a double meaning. On one hand, the mostly sample-based hip hop album comes from taking old funk/soul samples and re-working/regurgitating them back out into the universe with a whole new vibe. On the other hand, it plays right into the story behind the name "Pablo Eskobear" (also spelled out in a goofy way in the intro to the album) 

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